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What are the different ways the engagement photos can be used?

Updated: Jun 20

We will determine the day, time, and location.Before you get there I might ask you some

questions to determine

music genre. I do this because I usually bring music to the shoot to keep you engaged. Also, I will bring some candy to keep the kisses fresh. It makes for a pleasant shoot.I want you to just enjoy each other while I capture the moment.If you bring more than one outfit, we will probably shoot about 30-45 minutes in each one. Here are some ways that engagement photos can be used:

  1. Save-the-date cards: Couples can use their engagement photos as the main image on save-the-date cards that they send out to their guests.

  2. Wedding website: Engagement photos can be featured on the couple's wedding website to give visitors a glimpse of the happy couple.

  3. Wedding decor: Some couples choose to display their engagement photos at their wedding reception as part of the decor.

  4. Photo album: Engagement photos can be included in a photo album along with other memories from the couple's relationship.

  5. Social media: Many couples share their engagement photos on social media to announce their upcoming wedding.

  6. Framing: Some couples choose to have their engagement photos framed and displayed in their home as a reminder of their special moment.

  7. Wedding favors: Some couples choose to use their engagement photos as a design for wedding favors, such as printed on coasters, keychains, or magnets.

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